Friday, January 18, 2008


1. Writing and reading about personal essay can be fun sometimes because everyone has something different to say about their personal life. I liked writing about then and editing some of my classmate personal essays. while I was reading some of my classmates essays it made me think if it really happen and it engaged me to ask questions. I liked writing the personal essay more then the plays we wrote. Personal essays are not writing fiction it something that happen to you. If there is no spice to the personal essay then it would be boring. The thing that surprised me on the personal essay is that i had so many things to writing about and i had to chose one thing and that was my grandfathers death. I would probably do it again.
2. Because i think when you read you learn more and then that inspires you to think of something to writing and it lets your mind speak. And when a writer reads it develops new ideas from what they have read. Reading can all was be fun to writers. The writings look at what the other writers wrote about so in order to do so they got to read there writings.
3. My favorite pieces of writing is poems because we did so many things with the poems and it was fun. My favorite genre is action because its interesting. The play was the hardest thing we wrote because there was so many expectations to follow, you couldn't just writing some play it had to follow the play format. The personal essay would be one pieces i did not care for. I think the way of the formatting an essay because some colleges look for the best personal essay. and not only college, there is when your writing a letter to the state for something like that.

Lil' Wayne
chip tole
American Idol
Los Anglos
The Game Plan
I don't know

Monday, December 10, 2007

assignment #10

It's very important to have a theme in when you are writing because then no one will understand where the writing is going or the idea of the writing. Yes and no, a great story some what can express an idea of what the person is writing. Idea's is where theme fits in as well. Yes because if you do express an idea in the piece of literature then the story is more interesting and is looking at in idea of what a person has to express. If it has an idea then it is trying to spread a message that it wants to address to people whether it is about life or human nature or social acting etc. And no, because if the person does not and can to express it with out an idea in the piece of literature, the story becomes more general and has no point of view and its just normal. Then the story has no message to deliver. Example adventure story might be saying get out there and discover the world its not that bad etc.

What i think caused great literature to survive by year after year is that the piece might be getting its idea of message throw well. The Story has power to allow our lives by showing us how and inspiring us to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, might have a strong lesson that people is interesting in reading over the years and piece like that never dies. The story might be a piece that everyone defines it differently. The piece is creative in it's unique way that attracts people in reading it. A story that has it point of view clear and leaves people think it over there head for several days or weeks or years even.

If I has one long lasting impact in this world around me it would be peace. Not only in a specfic place but to the whole world thats what i would write about. How to solve problems and how to deal with it. Because the world today needs peace and not war that ruins out lives as days pass. It all ready ruins many others and u dont what it to do it to your life. So thats what i would write about.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Iam a thinker and i think thinks

Something that i see in my world that concerns me is war. Sense war is a huge problem to the world now, it concerns with me too because million of people die from it especially Innocent people that were trying to live a normal live. Some one that is dynamic to me is my mom. She is a very caring mother, she is a person that would sit and listen to your problems all the way and she would give you advises that will help and you wouldn't think twice about. She does many things at the sometime as being a teacher and as well she is a mother. She does not leave any one out of place. My mother is a big role modal as well. My mother is all ways filled with energy she is a fun person to hang with. She makes everything spice up. Well she is a dynamic person.
The piece that inspired me is a song by Usher and R.Kelly:
"We messing with the same girl same girl How could the love of my life, and my potential wife be the Same girl same girl Man I can’t believe that we’ve been messing with the Same girl same girl Thought she someone that I can trust but she’s been doubling up with us U,K,man we’ve been messing with the same girl"
it inspires me because it talks about the issues that happen now a days with couples.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Defining happiness: - Someone that has every thing he/she needs or whats. Someone that has his/her family for back up even though they are grown up. Someone that has time for them self, family, and friends. Someone that joys there life every bit of it. Defining happiness in my own life would be spending time with my family, hanging out with my friends and having time for my self to do my own staff. My greatest source of happiness is going out to trips with friends and not having parents coming along, goofing off with them. My family has the greatest influence of my happiness because if i start out fresh with my family in the morning when i get up my day will be good and i will be happy but if i fight with one of my siblings or any of my parents then that's my a go start for me. I impact my little ten year old happiness because she like to copy me and follow me around, she do what ever i do and well she looks up to me. If I'm not happy a day she will be unhappy to so the same goes for if i'm happy she will to. What ever i buy she buys. My greatest need in life is to help the needed ones and make their day just like my family makes my day. To help the orphens that don't have families to making their day for or brightening for them.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I would like to start something entirly new. By using the some photo though but different story out of it to see whether there can be better then the old one and comparing it together. To see if people would like the first one or the second.

Writing Reflection

What I liked writing is the poems because i was not really good at writing in my life now that we did some activates with poems its been easier now. I liked the short stories too but it was hard to make up a story and make it short at the same time.Why i think i like this kind of writing is that i guess it prepares you in the future and your career.
The strongest piece of writing a story called "MY Man" and why well it's my strongest piece of writing its because its a very well developed story and its pretty long. I guess I am strong at writing long stories. Yes. i think i have a lot of inspiration in that area.
That when writing a short story that i don't include all details and that i should use strong word as much as possible.Yes i feel that i need a lot of structure in writing.
I want to pursue writing plays. No i don't have any kind of genre i am interested in.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Creative Fear!

!Sometimes, I like being scaryed because things are more funnier when you do not know what happens next or what jump at you in scary movies. The best setting where the room is all dark and your watching a movie and something jumps at you from behind or in front of you. The thing that scarys me is in the movies that have something like ugly monsters that jump at no where and scary you and blood too. Yes, fear death. no i don't really have anything horrific. My fear comes from big snakes. A good definition for madness is something that drives you crazy ex: When your watching a movie and the characaters are in danger and there is a way that they can escape, but they take the other way just to make the movie seem wow. To be considered mad I guess the person has to have a reason for being mad or the person has something in there mind that they won't forget about. I think thing that drive people madness is in relationships today and maybe family problem or friends issuses.!